Yvonne Bell

Yvonne Bell Yvonne Bell

Name: Yvonne Bell

DOB: I think my birth certificate must be incorrect as I cannot believe I am the same age as Jeremy Clarkson!!!

How did you become a presenter and what else do you do at Lionheart: I started to volunteer in April 2011, helping with the considerable amount of 'backroom' work that goes on, such as programme editing, organising interviews, preparing read outs for the presenters and general admin. Then someone told me that I could be a presenter too and I thought, well I've never done that before, so why the heck not...

Best thing about presenting: You get to indulge in your own music while hoping that the listeners share your taste in music.

Favourite Food: Lasagne, which I check out and rate at every restaurant that has it on its menu. I make a good one too. I also love eating coffee cake.

My favourite spot in Northumberland: The view across Corbys Crags

Favorite Films: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and the old black and white British and American films I used to watch on a Saturday afternoon when I was young.

Favourite musical artist: Sting

Claim to Fame: My Victoria Sandwich cake won first prize in the Longframlington Show for 10 years in a row (I lost count in the end)